Tips For Better Living


Focus now, but not out of desperation. Focus now, and let that focus be powered by your love of making a difference.

Get your energy flowing

Discover for yourself, right now, how great it feels to get your energy flowing.

Get through the middle

As tedious as it may seem, the work you're doing is adding up, step by step by step.

See it as a mission

Don't waste your energy fighting against yourself and your own attitude. Focus your energy on making real progress.

Inspiration Today 22 November 2019

Jeff demonstrated all the qualities of a successful individual; he was patient, persistent, a believer in what he was doing and, he...

Inspiration Today 18 November 2019

You are at work and, you realise that your colleague is about to make an avoidable error. What would you do? Many persons would say...

Inspiration Today 15 November 2019

Work to know why, and you will discover hidden valuable possibilities. Ask why, and you will uncover powerful connections.

Inspiration Today 13 November 2019

I remember when I first saw Kim, my mentor. She had that fire in her eyes and, the will to succeed. She was diligent in everything...

Inspiration Today 11 November 2019

A new day has risen and, new challenges have risen too. Some may be coming off a high from the weekend. Perhaps you achieved a major...

Inspiration Today 08 November 2019

Feel the power of stillness within you. Engage that power to make yourself a positive presence in life. Read more at

Inspiration Today 06 November 2019

The motivation & inspirational quote for today 06.11.2019

Inspiration Today 05 November 2019

The motivation & inspirational quote for today 05.11.2019

Inspiration Today 04 November 2019

The motivation & inspirational quote for today 04.11.2019

Inspiration Today 01 November 2019

The motivation & inspirational quote for today 01.11.2019

Inspiration Today 31 October 2019

The motivation & inspirational quote for today 31.10.2019

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