Inspiration Today 17 October 2019

The motivation & inspirational quote for today 17.10.2019

Inspiration Today  17 October 2019

Enjoy being you

You deserve to enjoy being you. You deserve to love all that you love.

Give yourself the gift of real joy, not just every now and then, but often. Allow yourself to deeply experience the wonder, the delight, the warmth, the passion, of being you.

No person is like every other person, even when every person pretends to be. Extract yourself from that silly game, admit and celebrate that you are you, and share your unique goodness with others.

When it comes to being you, you’re the most successful that anyone will ever be. Take full advantage of that ability, of that success, to the benefit of yourself and all those around you.

Though you can find power and positive purpose in joining with others, you’ll always be uniquely you. Offer your special strength and perspective to the whole group, without letting the group dilute who you are.

The best version of you is the most authentic version of you. Enjoy being you, and enjoy all the advantages that arise from your unique value.