iPad OS Review

The IPad will now have its own Operating System (OS), which increases the tablet’s efficiency.

iPad OS Review


The IPad will now have its own Operating System (OS), which increases the tablet’s efficiency. Apple hosted its keynote presentation on June 3, 2019. Below are some of the essential points on Apple’s new IPad OS. 

Rejuvenated Home Screen

To start the presentation, Tim Cook spoke about the new home screen. The home screen now holds more icons than ever, and Apple has added widgets as well. 


The iPad OS takes multitasking to a whole new level. It gives you the experience and freedom of using a tablet but the feel of using a desktop.

Slide-Over - Sliding over from the right-hand side of the screen will show a panel in which you can place apps. 

Split-View - Multiwindow capabilities are now available to apps on the iPad.

You can now have a split view of apps and windows and drag across spaces. In the presentation, Tim Cook demonstrated with the notes app. He had two notes on one page in split view and pulled one of the notes to another page next to a PDF document opened in another app.

Split-View doesn’t only work for system apps. It works for third-party apps such as Microsoft Word as well. 

File Management

Apple added a new view, called column view, for file management. They claim that it is excellent for digging through deep file hierarchies. You get a great file preview and quick actions for rotating documents, images, making PDFs, and rich metadata right at the bottom.

Sharing files have improved now with many options available. You can now share folders in the iCloud Drive.

There is built-in support for SMB file sharing; hence, you can share data from your work PC, to your home PC.

You can now plug in a thumb drive, external disk drives and SD cards as well.

Finally, you can work with a camera directly from an app like Lightroom and import your pictures into the app.


Safari has one significant change, and it has to do with the different views on web pages. Often, websites will serve up the mobile view for the iPad. iPad OS plans to bring desktop-class browsing to Safari on the iPad instead of seeing the mobile version of a website. You will see the desktop version sized perfectly on the iPad.

Tim stated that third-party sites like Google Docs, SquareSpace and WordPress would also show up the desktop version. This is excellent news for persons who use the platforms to manage their websites.

Some of the other additions to Safari on iPad OS Include:

  • A download manager
  • 30 keyboard shortcuts
  • Text size control
  • Photo upload options


Persons will be able to use custom fonts on the iPad OS. The fonts will be available on the App Store, and it seems that all of the significant font providers like Adobe will be working with Apple to make this a reality.

Texting Editing

In navigating large documents, you can now grab the scroll bar and jump anywhere in the document instantly. 

Moving the cursor is easier than ever. Just pick it up, and drag it where you want it to go. 

Selecting text is simple too; just put your finger down and drag out a selection. There is no need to double tap anymore.

When you have a selection doing a three-finger pinch once will copy text and three-finger pinch twice in a row, it will cut the selection. 

To paste, all it takes is a three-finger drop gesture to paste your selection into place and if you make a mistake, don’t worry, just a three-finger swipe to undo.

These functions work across all apps that allow copy, paste, undo and redo.

The standard keyboard can shrink if you pinch on it with two fingers to a new compact layout great for typing with one finger while holding your iPad.


Apple Pencil

The tool palette has a beautiful new design with new tools, and now you can drag the palette around the screen. You can pin it to any edge of the screen and to minimise it you place it at the bottom of the screen. With a tap or drag, you can open up the palette again.

You can use the Pencil to mark-up any application on your iPad. Dragging from the corner of the iPad with your Pencil takes you right into Mark-up mode where you can see a screenshot of exactly what you were looking at.