Link Up Companion

LinkUp Companion App - Website Redesign

2023 to 2024 we decided to redesign our website and redesign to LinkUp Companion

  • Design
  • The St Lucian Hub
  • 01 July, 2023
  • Ongoing

LinkUp Companion App – Website

The LinkUp Companion app redefines event discovery with a dynamic portal focused on targeted advertising and seamless access to tickets. Recognizing the challenge of hosting all events, we designed native ads that blend seamlessly with the website’s aesthetics, providing users with non-intrusive, locally relevant advertisements. Complementing this, a captivating carousel view showcases popular events, offering users quick access to exciting happenings. Event organizers can also feature their events, ensuring top placement on the homepage and within categories.

Understanding the diversity of events, we incorporated an avenue for users to access tickets for events hosted on external platforms. By integrating external ticketing links, users can effortlessly purchase tickets for events not listed directly on our app. This user-centric feature expands the app’s utility, providing a comprehensive event discovery experience while fostering collaboration with external organizers.

Our commitment to seamless event exploration ensures users can immerse themselves in their community’s experiences, whether it’s a local concert, festival, or community gathering. With LinkUp Companion, users navigate a rich tapestry of events, enhancing their connection to their local community.

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