Spotlight September 2019 | September

This month the Saint Lucian Hub puts KinkyCurlyMe - Cheryl Stanislas on the spotlight.

Spotlight September 2019 | September

This month we place 27-year-old Cheryl Stanis-las the owner of KinkyCurlyMe on our spotlight. Cheryl hails from the village of Dennery, and she considers herself to be a very motivated individual, who would achieve anything she sets her mind to. This is what she had to say when we interviewed her.

The natural hair community is growing rapidly worldwide. Why do you think this is happening?

I believe this is happening because people are beginning to realise how versatile and beautiful having natural hair is. There are many products and a lot more information available to the dangers of chemicals. 

Why do you use natural (organic) products, and why do you believe it is beneficial?

I believe using natural products is beneficial not only to the hair but the whole body. The products used on the hair are expected to be absorbed to serve its purpose. Using natural products is better on the environment and the general health of the hair and scalp.

What is your business about?

KinkyCurlyMe is all about providing an avenue where women, men and children could find a safe haven of hair products they can depend on. We aim to provide our customers with all the products needed to maintain and care for their hair.

Where is your business located?

We do not own a store as yet. However, our products are produced in Marisule, Gros Islet and marketed on our Instagram and Facebook pages under the handle KinkyCurlyMeSlu. Persons can also contact me via email and telephone +1 758-722-9159.

The hair and beauty industry is very competitive, what influenced you to go into this business?

I must admit that the industry is competitive however, I believe one should focus on their brand and help improve their clients’ life by offering good quality products and service. I am passionate about all things hair, and I needed to earn a living to help provide for my daughter. There was a high demand for good quality natural hair products. Many natural products claim to be natural but sometimes it is the opposite. Because persons were constantly looking for product recom-mendations I decided to build this brand to help them.

Tell us about your hair care line?

Currently, KinkyCurlyMe offers nine hair products. We provide anti-itch growth oils, wash day products and also maintenance products. Our products contain natural and organic ingredients, handpicked to serve their intended purpose in each product.

How did you learn to make such amazing products?

I can proudly say I am self-taught. I spent months doing research with lots of trial and error before being able to offer the products to the public.

You have established your business in Saint Lucia do you plan to export your product to other markets around the world?

Yes, I would love to export my products to markets to international and regional markets. Hopefully, I will be able to soon.

What has been the most challenging obstacle you faced from the conception of the business?

The most challenging obstacle has been to accept customers from other countries who are interested in my products as it is costly to ship items out of the country. 

Where can persons get your products, and how can persons contact you for more information?

I can be contacted via email and telephone +1 758-722-9159. To place an order, you can visit our Facebook or Instagram page @kinkycurlyme_slu. There, you can find more information about our products.